Dear Students!

Bright Star Company is an educational company in Ukraine with a high level experience in leading educational consultants for studies. Our students from various countries and many of them have successfully completed their studies and now working in their countries or in other countries with success. The company has an authorization from the ministry of Education in Ukraine, and has contracts with many of the best universities. We self have different high educations in medicine and engineering which help us with our experiences to understand what students exactly need and put us in the right place between the universities and students. Our principal aim is to quickly deal with all educational issues in the most efficient ways using our experiences and skills. We are part of the system here and we actively communicate with both students and teaching staff, and able to provide expert advice and guidance at all levels of the academic ladder.

We have a very good relationships with our students beginning from the contract of admission to different universities and follow their whole courses and even afterwards. We always pleased to get your suggestions to improve our services.