Rent a Flat in Ukraine

Rent a Flat, apartment near the university campus in Ukraine.

Private Apartments/flats are available in any City of Ukraine.
International students in Ukraine are free to rent an apartment, if they do not like hostel, dormitory life, or if they want more freedom or more independence. Your local agent will help in choosing private flat for you.

A wide range of accommodation is available for students. If you decided to rent a flat, you can search through local newspapers or by the local agencies. Vacant flats for renting are advertised in the local newspaper, on the internet or on the notice boards or through rental agencies. International Students can find variety of flats or shared room in a flat. You will need to see your finances, before selecting a flat for rent.
Normally 2 to 3 room flats cost about 300$ to 400$ per month in the center area or near to the University Campus.
1 room flats can be taken for rent for about 200$ to 300$ depending on the condition of the flat and the location of the flat.
We are advising all the new students to stay in the university hostel/dormitory for at least first year of their study.


FLAT Privately rented apartment per Month

$200 for single,$300 for double room, average flat.

Deposit 1 month advance or none
Gas/electricity Included
Water rates Included
Food/toiletries $100 per month self-cooking.
Course costs Provided by university library
Clothes Depends on individual
Leisure Depends on individual
Travel Depends on individual
TV license None
Phone Depends on individual
Internet Wi-Fi included or $10 per month